El Resumen

January 20, 2022 hautbox Season 2 Episode 75
El Resumen
Show Notes

Hola chicos!! We wrap up Jason's time with us and recap some of the most impactful conversations we've had throughout our time together. We say farewell to a great era as we get ready for new beginnings this year. Thank you to those who have rocked with us, things are just getting started.

Episodes featured include:

Ep. 38 - God Isn't Real PT. 2
Ep. 40 - Cartel Uncles
Ep. 47 - Upline
Ep. 49 - Agua de Jamaica
Ep. 51 - Dear Diary
Ep. 52 - Crackhead Energy
Ep. 55 - La Vaca
Ep. 57 - Marí y Juan
Ep. 58 - Water Signs
Ep. 74 - Una Ultima Vez

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